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Online smart home

Post by gabi171 »

Hi all,

at first, I'm new to the z-wave and smart home topic. I'm a PHP developer also familiar with Javascript and C. I've already built some devices with Arduino.

I'm going to build my own smart home system with custom smart devices - f.e. custom meteo station with many sensors. My requirements for the whole system are:
- I want to be able to see data and do actions online - even if I'm not at home
- I want to build my own sensors and devices
- some devices (f.e. meteo station) should have such a low energy consumption that it can be powered from a battery which is charged by small solar panel

I'm considering a following solution:
- the system would consist of devices, central device("hub") and custom PHP application running on my server in the cloud
- every device will be built on the top of the Z-UNO
- the central device will manage the devices - gather data from them and perform actions
- the central device will be Razpberry
- I will write the PHP application which will run in the cloud and this will gather data from the central device.
- the reasons I want to have the online PHP application ("online control panel"): it will allow me to perform actions and see data even if I'm not home; the data will be stored safely in the cloud and I will be able to store a big amount of historical data there; I will be able to detect a power or network failure if the Razpberry device gets offline

I want to ask more experienced users if you think this is achievable and this is a good solution or I should change it somehow. And the most important - if I will be able to simply send data from Razpberry (Z-way?) to my online application.

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Re: Online smart home

Post by PoltoS »

You are able to send data easily to your cloud. Subscribe todevices updates and run http.request to send data to your cloud. You can also stock data and send by batches.
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Re: Online smart home

Post by Woxa »

Its cool
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