two razberry on the same wifi router

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two razberry on the same wifi router

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Hello i am setting up my house and another building as one smarty home solution. The other building is 50 meter from the house and 30 meter long so there will be max 80 to cover. The houses are connected with ethernet and I run a couple of ap so I have wifi connection in both buildings. I have planned to have on razberry unit in both houses. How can I do it. I want to control everything with one app, is this possible?

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Re: two razberry on the same wifi router

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z-wave's range is limited, ethernet's (or wifi's) is not. What you could do is use 3 raspberry pi's: one in each house, each equipped with a razberry daughter card. On both you run domoticz to control only that house's z-wave devices: each house gets its own z-wave house code. Then another raspberry is used to run domoticz and this includes the both other domoticz installations. This 'master' domoticz communicates with the 'house' domoticz's over ethernet (wifi), so there is no limit to the distance between the "houses", and the z-wave range should be sufficient to cover each one house. I haven't done this myself, but it is how I understand it could be done.

Using only 2 raspberry's, each equipped with a razberry card, it could be done too, but you would have to remember to always access only the domoticz that includes the other: from the other you would be able to control only one house and not see the devices in the other house.

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Re: two razberry on the same wifi router

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In Z-Way there is Link Remote Z-Way app

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