Zwave Devices/SmartThings

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Zwave Devices/SmartThings

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Question for those who have used SmartThings with zwave devices. I had the smartthings hub: model 2018 IM6001, all my devices were connected to this hub. Recently I decided to get SmartThings WIFI and thought I'd use that hub, so I started transferring all the devices to the new hub. For some reason, Zwave devices will not disconnect from the old hub. I have reset all devices and tried connecting them to the new hub, but I receive errors (cannot find device) on the smartthings app. How difficult is it to disconnect zwave connections to the old hub? I have since reset the old hub back to factory default, this did not help.

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Re: Zwave Devices/SmartThings

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Any Z-Wave hub can exclude devices from previous hub (you have to possess the device to click on it)

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