My gateway will ONLY include the demo sketch.

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My gateway will ONLY include the demo sketch.

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I have an ADT pulse system that works like a charm altho the web interface is a bit flakey.
When I first got the z-uno board I was able to include the demo SimpleDimmer sketch with no problem. I can compile and upload the same sketch and even upgrade the firmware to 2.1.5 and the sketch still works. The problem is I dont need a dimmer I just need a simple binary sensor. Any sketch that has anything different than: "ZUNO_SETUP_CHANNELS(ZUNO_SWITCH_MULTILEVEL(getter, setter));" will not include and is reported as an unknown device. Not sure if the gateway has cached the definition of the zuno board when I did my initial "start at a known good point" test with the out of the box z-uno or is it the case that ADT/Netgear has tested a z-uno board with just that configuration and is therefore the only one they know about.

I have already tried ZUNO_SETUP_PRODUCT_ID() and ZUNO_SETUP_PRODUCT_AUTO() with no success.

ADT isn't very forthcoming with their list of acceptable device.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: My gateway will ONLY include the demo sketch.

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Pleasemake sure to exclude the device first, then reset Z-Uno (hold the service button and triple click, upload the sketch again) to make sure it pops up to ADT as a new device.

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