This is a collection of wishes and needs for the next versions of Z-Way/Z-Cloud/Z-Box
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seattleneil wrote:
23 May 2024 18:33
A potential work-around is to the "Virtual Device (JavaScript)" app (aka CodeDevice module) to create a multilevel switch, where the
command is something like: zway.devices[ZWAVE_DEVICE_ID].instances[CHANNEL_ID].commandClasses[0x79].Set(8,%%). Please understand that you'll need to determine the correct command to control the tone for a channel which you can do using the Expert UI. The virtual device will appear as a dimmer switch on the smarthome/normal UI where the dimmer level will be the tone. You can then change the icon from a light bulb to something more meaningful.
Yeah I have a similar work-around in place. Was just curious to whether the actual problem had been addressed somehow.
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Based on adding products with Zigbee and Matter support, it feels like the Z-Way developers are less focused on Z-Wave technology. I understand they have a business to run, but it makes me a little sad. If I wasn't so lazy, I would experiment with Z-Wave JS UI and Home Assistant.
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