Read a z-wave sensor with z-Uno

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Read a z-wave sensor with z-Uno

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Hi all,
I am new to Z-wave and I could really need your help for this project I am working on.

As I understand it, the Z-uno cannot act as a Z-wave controller to setup the network. (Is this a hardware limitation or just not implemented?) I read on this forum that you can setup the network using a dongle or hub and remove that component from the network since it doesn't play a part in the communication. Great! I can work with that.

I need to implement a project where I have to read/request data from multiple Z-wave sensors (specifically: Popp rain-Z rain gauge). So after setting up the network. How can I request sensor data with the Z-uno over Z-wave?

The system will have to be powered by batteries, so an Pi with shield will not run as long as needed. I was really hoping to get it working with the Z-uno.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Read a z-wave sensor with z-Uno

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You can do vice versa - associate the rain sensor with Z-Uno and catch reports on the Z-Uno. See handling of reports in the documentation

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