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Alexa skill

Post by latitude »

I just installed 3.01, updated to 3.0.6 and restored my backup to bring my devices back in and it seems to be working. What I am struggling with and I seem to remember struggling before is that the alexa skill / app imports everything into Alexa which is quite unhelpful. I manually deleted all the items just to try again (in the zwave interface it looks like you can add devices to 'activated devices' in the speech assistant, Alexa app, and you can even set a call name - but none of this seems to make any difference when you enable the skill in Alexa. I was hoping only the activated items would appear with the freindly 'call names' i have assigned but sadly it just imports everything again. Am I doing something wrong / does anyone have any advice?

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Re: Alexa skill

Post by micky1500 »

I have Raspberry with v3.0.6 and Alexa app version 1.1.0 and it works like you are requesting.
Has your Alexa app been updated to 1.1.0 ?
Raspi 4(Buster), Zwave Version 3.0.6 x It's not my fault... I am not z-way team, just a user of a great system.

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Re: Alexa skill

Post by ebaugh »

I can't get anything to show up in Alexa. Nothing I do causes it to add devices.

I had it working at one point, but then in re-configuring it stopped (tried deleting the skill, adding/removing the app, etc.)
Nothing. New devices don't show up either..

If anybody has any ideas, I'm all ears...

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Re: Alexa skill

Post by john_smith »

Alexa Skill themselves are quite helpful. in the Alexa app and the ability to add skills using only your voice, discovering new and useful skills is a less than desirable experience. So much so that Amazon actually created a skill called Skill Finder which, you guessed it, helps you discover new skills.

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Re: Alexa skill

Post by wills_john »

Connected to your Amazon account, you can find the time, weather, play/stream music. Occasionally frustrating when she can't understand you (extremely frustrating!!), OR if you get a command wrong. Many "skills" must be enabled for her to do what you want beyond the very basics. Room for much improvement, in MANY areas in order to really shine. Good for now, if you can learn to adapt to her peculiarities and vagaries, a long ways to go to be what we want/need, especially for low-tech customers

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Re: Alexa skill

Post by markjonas »

No documentation makes it very difficult to understand and use the device and it's software. I am reluctant to try new things because I am fearful of not being able to recover.
I have a second fire but don't use it as I can't get it set up correctly to work properly.
As a result, I don't use it.
Would like to have some help that would be patience as I am elderly and don't move to very fast.

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