Import only devices after big update

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Import only devices after big update

Post by DavidZH »

Is there a way to restore ONLY the network?

I have had some issues with obsolete software some weeks ago and did a big update run. The Razberry board went from 5.04 to 5.36 without problems. The server has been running without devices for a few days now and that runs properly. The log is not filing up as I had with 3.0.5. The log and de automation .JSON files grew like hell with only 4 devices in the network and crashed the server in about two weeks.

I do not use the smarthome features of z-way, and therefore would like to only restore my old network. I could rediscover them but 3 of the units are a pain to get to.

In a previous backup round (from 3.0.4) I saved the config folder from my PI, if that helps...

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Re: Import only devices after big update

Post by micky1500 »

I have never found a clear answer to that.
The backup in ExpertUI was what I thought, a backup of the z-wave chip.
Take backups now. most restores work !
Then try a restore to your older backup.

With a bit of luck and fingers crossed. yippee.
Raspi 4(Buster), Zwave Version 3.0.6 x It's not my fault... I am not z-way team, just a user of a great system.

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Re: Import only devices after big update

Post by PoltoS »

Expert UI backup is to restore devices only.

If you don't use smart home UI features, then disable Create devices checkbox in Z-Wave Network Binding app

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