Setting z-uno configuration

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Setting z-uno configuration

Post by amgolden »

I apologize if this topic has been convered ad-naseum, but I really did search and search and search without much luck.

I see the configuration values as listed here: ... arameters/

What I can't for the life of me figure out is: How do I actually set those parameters? I want to change parameter 11 (seconds between Sensor Multilevel reports), but I can't seem to find the relevant configuration options. I am using OpenZWave via Home Assistant, if that helps. I see no comparable config values in the OpenZWave web UI.

I feel like there some sort of config file located somewhere on my hard drive that I need to change, but after hours on this, I'm totally stumped. Help?
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Re: Setting z-uno configuration

Post by PoltoS »

OpenZWave should have some UI to set Config parameters. Not sure how it works in HAss and in OZW, It should be a UI to send configuration commands to Z-Uno
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