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Device Selection

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Hello, smart Z-wave people:

I am looking to replace my X10 system with the Z-wave system. The X10 works, but is old and unreliable technology.

Currently, I have some 'in-wall human accessible' light dimmers, and some hidden in the attic dimmer and appliance modules.

Also, I need a couple of in-wall 120V switchable outlets.

While looking through Z-wave devices for sale on eBay, Amazon, and other places, I find there are no real 'hidden' ones.

My question is, where can I find some "hidden in the attic" type dimmers or appliance modules.

Of course I understand I cannot put any of these devices in a metal box due to the RF type of communication.

For the dimmers, I will need the ability to switch 300W, for the appliance a full 15A is required.

I toyed with the idea of mounting a box in the attic and putting a human accessible switch that no one ever touches, but somehow that presses on my OCD nerve.

I understand new products are coming out all the time, but is there a place that can at least give me an idea what is available.

Failing that, can someone recommend what store(s) might have the most variable selection of devices.

Thanks, Mark.
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