New Z-Uno 2 release v3.0.12 Beta 8!

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New Z-Uno 2 release v3.0.12 Beta 8!

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(this message will be corrected after the release)

This update is for Z-Uno version 2!

The previous release was 3.0.10

What's new in 3.0.12 Beta 8?

  • Support of Z-Wave 7th and 8th gen chips: ZGM130S037HGN1, ZGM230SA27HGN, ZGM230SB27HGN, EFR32ZG23B020F512IM48, EFR32ZG23B010F512IM48
  • Modern GCC 10.3.2021_10, Link Time Optimization (LTO) is used to reduce the sketch size
Additional h/w features:
  • New Gecko SDK 4.2.3 and Z-Wave SDK 7.19.3
  • High-speed baud rates for faster bootloader/sketch upload via UART: 230400, 460800, and 921600 kbps. Low-speed baud rates were added for upgrades via long cables (for in-field updates) and for Z-Uno Modules updates.
  • Outgoing packets queue with dynamic memory can be tuned: more memory versus longer queue.
  • New trace command added to zme_make for Z-Wave Zniffer (requires Zniffer license). Works with S0/S2 decryption.
  • Button and LED control moved to the user-space for better flexibility. Can be turned off to save code space.
  • Rescue mode reworked. Minimal functionality is provided to allow OTA and exclusion/inclusion in rescue mode.
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