ZWave better to go 500 oder 700 ?

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ZWave better to go 500 oder 700 ?

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1) the button for pairing Zwave devices has disappeared in the last version "Aeotec Gen7", isn't that a problem? For example, I can't pair devices that are too far away, I have to unplug my gen5 USBkey and get closer to the device to pair it, then put the key back on the raspi (but the problem is that pairing is done without any security).
2) The zwave stability will be better with Zwave 700 / 800? I see there are already USB keys available for raspberry ( it would be for iobrocker)
3) Is it a problem to have devices on the network connected in S2 and others with nothing or S0? what about network stability?
4) after a few months, I sometimes lose devices on the network, the nodes are marked as dead, I have to do a reset to be able to add them again. what yould be the problem?

thanks :)

my devices:
TechniSat Shutter-Switch
Eurotronics Spirit
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AEON Labs ZW090
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