New version of Z-Cloud!

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New version of Z-Cloud!

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Dear Z-Cloud users,We are happy to announce a new version of Z-Cloud service. We worked hard to make this update and we hope you will appreciate the result!This new version have a lot of improvements and new features — the list is too long to present it. Below you can see description of major changes.How to switch to new version? Just connect to Z-Cloud and you are done! The only thing to do on your side is to download new version of Z-Connector. All configurations you made in Z-Cloud (device configurations and home automation) are still valid. Z-Cloud update should be fully transparent to you (except for some frontend interface changes).New manual is available at (log in to access).New in Z-Way/Z-Cloud Version 2011-06-30Full support for heating control: its possible to control Thermostats from the UI or to define climate schedule for a 7 day week that is then executed automatically.The heating control system is tested successfully with both Danfoss Living Connect and the Horstmann HRT4-ZW Thermostat 8. Reinclude the thermostat to Z-Cloud if you had already included it before in order to fully use them). You are welcome to test with other Thermostats and let us know the results.Backup and Restore functions: You can now save your Z-Cloud configuration locally. This also allows you to "clone" your configuration into a different hardware, e.g. our Z-Box. Z-Box is an all in one box that runs the very same Z-Way software as Z-Cloud and will be available later this year. If you dont like the run everything online you can still do testing and configuration now and move to a stand alone box later preserving your configuration.Support of the latest USB Stick firmwares. We recommend the Z-Wave.Me Z-Stick that is the only USB stick with most recent firmware fixing some bugs in the Zensys firmware that created problems in larger networks (Routing cache problem).Z-Cloud now supports Time zones. All times run according to the time zone of your home (set up your time zone in your account information at lot of interface improvements, among them a new menu structure.Child protection setting support.Support of so called Multi Commands. This is a feature of Z-Wave that was explicitely introduced to improve battery live. Danfoss Living Connect heavily relies on this functionLots of bugs fixed both in the Z-Cloud infrastructure and the Z-Connector and of course the Z-Way software.Whats next:The theme of the current release was the improvement of the stability and the support of heating control. The theme of the next release we start working on from now on will introduce security support for the upcoming door look products, better mobile interfaces and of course further completion of Z-Wave functions, particularly in the energy meter area. Feel free to contact us in case of any problems with Z-Cloud.Z-Wave.Me team
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Re: New version of Z-Cloud!

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Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut.
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