re-act on sensor status change

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re-act on sensor status change

Post by rgroothuis »

Hi All,

Just new to the Z-wave and Razpberry. I really like the Razpberry device and all te available sensors. I'm busy studying the ZwaveAPI JSON interface, still a lot to learn.

I want to create a situation that when a door sensor status is changed some action is taken, for example an email send and a entry logged in a database. I assume I need to do my own programming, make an own application that runs 24/7 that is triggered by the sensors and then takes some actions.

Where to start with such an application? In the documentation I only find javascript/JSON code examples which can be used in web-pages. But the 24/7 application cannot be a web page.

The application needs to run on the Razpberry.

my questions:
- which programming language,
- example code available,
- (other).suggestikns on how to implement this.

Thanks for your support.

Cheers, Rene

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Post by hekj »

You can use my software NexaHome, then you need not write all program code on your own.

Just create one small bean shell file that calls a script (written by you) when a sensor is triggered.


You perhaps have a Fibaro door sensor...

Create a bean shell file.

if (deviceIsOn("2")) {
} else {

Henrik |

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