Make Dashboard apps draggable

This is a collection of wishes and needs for the next versions of Z-Way/Z-Cloud/Z-Box
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Make Dashboard apps draggable

Post by kWave » 03 Jul 2017 00:49


it would be nice if the user could change the order of apps in the dashboard.
Drag&Drop to sort them would be nice.

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Re: Make Dashboard apps draggable

Post by enbemokel » 03 Jul 2017 12:40

This is allready done in the new version.
I didn´t try the 3.xxxx but the rc12


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Re: Make Dashboard apps draggable

Post by fez » 27 Aug 2017 23:58

Would it be possible to move/refactor the "Drag & Drop" button to somewhere else, or at least to the bottom of the page?
This button uses a significant part of the page offering no information.

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