Z-Uno Bootloader OTA Update - Questions

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Z-Uno Bootloader OTA Update - Questions

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First a quick bit of background info. For about 2 years now, I have been running z-uno boards in each of our alarm system based (eg: wired to alarm) motion sensors. Honestly, one of the best home automation decisions I have made. Installed in each of our already existing motion sensors, there are no new devices (eg: new box) out in the open and I get a wired-always-on antenna in basically every room.

I set this up before upgrading our whole alarm to a proper alarm (Satel) with a real TCP/IP interface. Previously we were using a Risco alarm which had NO lan based API to view / execute events... Everything was done via their cloud so it was slow (2-10+ second) delay, and of course monthly it would go down for a few hours. Super annoying.

But frankly, even now with the Satel alarm local TCP/IP API, the zuno events are quicker... So as of now I use kind of a fall back system, listen for a signal from both the z-wave devices and the satel API and act on each of them on a first come first serve basis.

So anyways, z-uno boards in each of our PIRs. Working great for 2 years now.


The only gripe I have had with it, and its minor, is the fact that older z-uno bootloaders send the binary sensor even twice:

[2020-01-21 14:45:52.493] [D] [zway] SETDATA devices.3.instances.0.commandClasses.48.data.12.level = True
[2020-01-21 14:45:52.493] [D] [zway] SETDATA devices.3.instances.0.commandClasses.48.data.12 = Empty
[2020-01-21 14:45:52.687] [D] [zway] RECEIVED: ( 01 0C 00 04 00 03 04 30 03 FF 0C C1 00 F1 )
[2020-01-21 14:45:52.687] [D] [zway] SENT ACK
[2020-01-21 14:45:52.687] [D] [zway] SETDATA devices.3.data.lastReceived = 0 (0x00000000)
[2020-01-21 14:45:52.687] [D] [zway] SETDATA devices.3.instances.0.commandClasses.48.data.12.level = True
[2020-01-21 14:45:52.687] [D] [zway] SETDATA devices.3.instances.0.commandClasses.48.data.12 = Empty

Yes I read the FAQ and even on here that this is standard z-wave protocol implementation. But my understanding is that with a newer boot loader this has been 'fixed'.

We all know, with z-wave, the less packets, the better.


So, since the z-uno boards are in the PIRs and taking things down and USBing into the zunos is a royal pain the ass (we have about 10 PIRs in the house, ladder required to access them, etc etc), I would like to OTA update the bootloader to the newest version, here the questions start. YES I have read https://z-uno.z-wave.me/z-wave/ota/.

A) How do I remotely determine the z-uno bootloader version currently installed in each of my z-unos. Z-way-server reports:

Application version 2.6
SDK version 6.51.06

B) I am slightly confused about which bootloader BIN file to pick.

The files in my bootloaders folder dont quite match the syntax in the OTA FAQ:

zuno_bootloader_AAAABBBB0115011000010043EFF27E20.bin (FAQ)
zuno_bootloader_AAAABBBB0115011000010210822F51.bin (example from 2.1.6 locally installed)

Lets for a second assume that application version 2.6 actually means 2.06 (maybe z-way server has trouble with the 0 on 06?).

So, 2.06.

So according to the FAQ I should be looking for


In my z-uno arduino (2.1.6) I have:


I have 4 files with 0206... What one would I pick?

C) And last question. If I do a bootloader update successfully, I understand my sketch will be erased. Will I still have z-wave communication to the device from my uzb (via z-way-server) so I can upload my sketch OTA using the firmware update function?



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Re: Z-Uno Bootloader OTA Update - Questions

Post by anom3 »

I will answer some of my own questions here as I have just updated one device.

A) To find the correct file name I used an extra zuno board I had sitting in my drawer. I updated to the latest bootloader via arduino. Then I uploaded a sketch, in the log there is a bit of a data dump and it listed "Firmware Checksum 84 CF". I noticed one of the file names had this at the end... So I used that file to OTA update the bootloader.

B) Once the bootloader was updated, all communication with the device is lost. It needs to be re-included :( Out came the ladder.

C) I then OTA updated my sketch. Again, reinclussion necessary (maybe if debug mode was turned on I could skip this step?).

At this point the device is running 2.16 and the bootloader and sketch were updated OTA.

Although I will have to use a ladder to re-include the devices, but its better then having to remove the whole PIR and plug in via USB. Kind of a half way point.

Final question before on the weekend I do all of them:

If I OTA update the bootloader with param 1 = 1 (on the fly updates), will I maybe be able to avoid having to reinclude the zuno after the bootloader has been updated OTA?

PS : Moving to 2.16 solved the 'issue' I had, my binary sensor is now sending a single report.

PS : There is a small bug in z-way-server (2.38 at least)... Application version 2.06 is shown as 2.6... Looks like 06 is truncated to 6.

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Re: Z-Uno Bootloader OTA Update - Questions

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Yes, param 1 = 1 will allow instant re-interview after OTA (unless you change sleeping mode)

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