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manual routing

Post by wwagonman »

I am trying to learn how to do manual routing. I have a Smartthings hub as the primary controller and the Razberry2 as secondary. I am trying to force a Schlage lock to link to the Smartthings hub via a Jasco light switch.

Using Z-wave Expert UI, I used the "manual routing" button to route a path from the ST hub to the switch and from the switch to the lock. This route shows up under the Network - Route Map - Manual routes. It shows the ST Hub as the " source", the switch as "route between source and destination" and the lock as "destination".

When I hover over the lock in the routing map, it just shows the lock routing straight to the Razberry. Note - the lock was added to the ST hub prior to adding the Razberry to the network.

Am I doing something wrong? how do i get the route map to show the manual routes (I do have "manual routes" checked in the "route map settings").


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Re: manual routing

Post by rafale77 »

I really if this function actually works anymore. As far as I know the routing tables are managed by the zwave chip firmware and not by the host controller anymore since SDK 4.xx. The zwave chipset is supposed to calculate and establish the routing on its own and you should not have to worry about but I could be wrong.

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Re: manual routing

Post by PoltoS »

Starting from 6.71 you can set a so called Priority Route. This one will be tried first in any case.

Make sure to use v3.0.5 as this feature were improved in this version.

Also note that Route Map can only show packets that were set from and to the controller. You can not see other packets for now. While Priority Route can be set between any nodes in the network.

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